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學歷:博士, Geodetic Science Graduate Program, Dept. of Geological Sciences, the Ohio State University, 2005.
碩士, Geodetic Science Graduate Program, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science, the Ohio State University, 2002.
碩士, 土木工程學系,國立交通大學, Taiwan, 1998.
學士, 測量工程學系,國立成功大學, Taiwan, 1996.
經歷:2020-現在 系主任, 測量及空間資訊學系,國立成功大學.
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2006-2011 助理教授, 測量及空間資訊學系,國立成功大學.
2005-2006 博後, Dept. of Geological Science, The Ohio State University.

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