Core Abilities

For Undergraduate Students:
  1. Basic mathematics and science ability.
  2. Professional knowledge and techniques of survey engineering technology.
  3. Professional knowledge and techniques of geospatial technology.
  4. Arrangement and design of survey engineering and geospatial technology.
  5. Project management, effective communication, and team work ability.
  6. Finding, analytical, and problem-solving ability.
  7. Professional ethics and society responsibility.
  8. Understand news issues, engineering techniques’ impact on environment and society.
  9. Keep learning habit and ability.

For Graduate Students:
In addition to the core competencies required at the undergraduate level, individuals should possess the following abilities:
  1. Proficiency in at least one of the following specific areas of expertise: (1) Geodetic Surveying and Error Theory, (2) Geographic Information Systems and Cartography, (3) Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
  2. Planning and execute case study ability.
  3. Present professional papers.
  4. Negotiation with other fields’ experts.
  5. Ability to collaborate, integrate, and communicate across interdisciplinary boundaries.
  6. Global vision.
  7. Leadership, management, arrangement.
  8. Lifelong self-learning ability.