Graduate program (Ph.D.)

Credit requirement ​
Students who registered after 2016 Fall:

     1. Total earnt credit should be 18 credits or above, including:

          Seminar(1~4): 0 credit

          Elective Professional Courses: 18 credits or above

     2. Thesis: 12 credits 

All students who enrolled in or after 2022 fall must upload the information on their academic ethics course hours to the "Academic integrity credit portal" to obtain the "Certificate of academic ethics." This certificate must be submitted along with the application for the master's or doctoral "degree examination" and serves as an essential requirement for the qualification review of graduation.
          Academic ethics courses:,c82.php?Lang=en&fbclid=IwAR21bXbFRg6QSZD2Mx364alxdcRpGKWVovQEFUrnotfuc4v8ZNglegEOMzo
          Academic integrity credit portal:

Students who transition from a master's program to a Ph.D. program must complete a minimum of 30 credits (excluding thesis credits)
Among following three courses, only credits from one of them will be approved as graducate credit.

          Geodesy and Error Theory 
          Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
          GIS and Mapping

Rules and Directions links:
  1. NCKU Rules and Regulations of Graduation Examination for Graduate Students
  2. NCKU Directions for the Administration of the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
  3. NCKU Operating Rules for Direct Admission to Ph.D. Programs
  4. The Thesis Defense Bylaws of Doctoral of Philosophy Degree
  5. Regulations for the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
Retated forms:
  1. Ph.D. Candidate of Qualifying Examination Review Form
  2. Ph.D. Candidate of Qualifying Examination Application Form
  3. Waiver Application for Written Exam of Ph. D. Candidate Qualification