Course Q&A

Q1:Can I take senior course? 
A:For participating in the senior course, first you need to have the agreement from the instructor. Second, you need to prepare relative document during the special course election time to the department office in order to finish the application. 

Q2:Can I take postgraduate course when i was at the last year of undergraduate program? Can I use the credit from this course to be part of the graduation credit?
A:Yes. For undergraduate students at their last year, it is allowed to take postgraduate course and use it as part of the elective course credit.  If you plan to continue to graduate program, it is recommended because you can use it also as part of the graduation credit for the postgraduate program.  However, you have to have credit more than the graduation threshold before having the certified credit for graduation program. Please ask our staff or read the relative policies from 「

Q3:If I took the course that has part 1 and part 2 from other departments, but I did not finish all parts (like only part 1 or part 2), is the credit from the course recognizable?
A:No. If the course has name "part 1" or "part 2", you have to finish all of them in order to have a complete course. Only the second foreign language course is not within this restriction.

Q4:Instead of taking the course from the Geomatics department, can I take the same couse from other departments?
A:Students should take the course from our department as the first priority. Only if you have failed the course then you can consider taking the course from other departments. But you need to make sure the course name and the credit are the same.

Q5:How the department recognizes the physical eduation?
A:For undergraduate program, four complusory physical education credit are recognizable but not the elective physical education course.

Q6:What is the restriction number of the credit for every semester? (undergraduate program)
A:According to 「國立成功大學學生選課注意事項」number seven policy,for the first three year every semester should have credit from 16 to more than 25. For the fourth year, the credit should not less than 9 and more than 25. But if you have a good grade (above 75), you can have extra one or two course for the second semester.

Q7:Does the Geomatics department open the study time at night?
A:Open time is from Monday to Saturday, 6 pm to 10 pm. It is close on weekend, summer vacation and winter vacation.
Open area:Room 55250, second floor. 
More information, refer to 「

Q8:What is the maximum credit I can have from other departments?
A: For undergraduate students, please read
      For postgraduate students, the maximum credit is 12 that can be used as part of the graduation threshold.