Conference Papers

Conference Papers

Assessing thermal comfort in complex urban streets by using 3D sensing and analysis
     Tzu-Ping Lin, Chi-Kuei Wang, Shing-Ru Yang, Chia-Chun Chen, Kuei-Chia Chen, Yu-Jie Liao
     10th International Conference on Urban Climate/ 14th Symposium on the Urban Environment, New York, NY, USA, 2018
An automated method to locate drainage structures in DEM using open street map
     Nadeem Fareed and Chi-Kuei Wang
     International Symposium on Remote Sensing 2018, Aplensia Convention Center, Pyeongchang, Korea, 2018
Tallying Impervious Area in Agricultural Land by Combining High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Lidar Data
     Nurahida Laili, Wang Chi-Kuei, and Wu Kuan-Ting
     ACRS 2017, New Delhi, India, 2017
Simulating Various Terrestrial and UAV Lidar Scanning Configurations for Understory Forest Structure Modelling
     Hsuan-Sheng M. Hämmerle, N. Lukač, K.-C. Chen, Zs. Koma, C.-K. Wang, K. Anders, and B. Höfle
     ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017, Wuhan, China, 2017
Update Taiwan DSM By Reprocessing ALS Data Using Highest Returns
     Zhi-Hua Lin and Chi-Kuei Wang
     International Symposium on Remote Sensing 2017 , Nagoya, Japan, 2017
Generation of Nationwide Color Multi-directional Hillshade Map from 1 m LiDAR DEM
     Chi-Kuei Wang, Yi-Hsing Tseng, Yi-Hua Wang, and Lin-Mu Kuo
     GSDI 15 World Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2016
Evaluation of Forest Canopy and Understory Gap Fraction Derived from Terrestrial Laser
     Kuei-Chia Chen and Chi-Kuei Wang
     XXIII ISPRS Congress 2016, Praque, Czech Republic, 2016
Intensity correction of ALS data - an example in Taiwan mountainous area
     Chi-Kuei Wang and Tzu-Min Hung
     The International Symposium on Remote Sensing 2016, Jeju, Korea, 2016
     第三十四屆測量及空間資訊研討會, 宜蘭,臺灣, 2015
Assessment of the relationship between satellite-derived vegetation index and Lidar-based laser penetration index in evergreen broadleaf forest
     Chung-Cheng Lee, Chi-Kuei Wang, Tzu-Min Hong, and Kun-Jen Wu
     The International Symposium on Remote Sensing 2015, Tainan, Taiwan, 2015

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