Distinguished international student scholarship is offered by NCKU and research grant is provided by student’s advisor after admission. 
For NCKU distinguished international student scholarship recipient, they get monthly stipend plus the waivers of tuition fees and course credit fees (monthly stipend for master recipients is up to NT$5,000, and for PhD students is up to NT$9,000).

How to apply:  
The University International Student Admissions Committee will review the application documents to evaluate the scholarship opportunity for the first academic year. Applicants do not need to submit any additional application documents for this scholarship, and the award information will be mailed along with the admission letter. For the further academic years, the students have to apply again. The Committee will review last year’s academic performance of applicants to evaluate the scholarship status.

Besides the scholarship offered by NCKU, students will also receive research grant from their advisors. Currently, a monthly stipend for each master student is up to NT$6,000, and for each PhD student is up to NT$8,000.