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Journal Papers
Quantifying the scales of spatial variation in gravel beds using terrestrial and airborne laser scanning data
     Guo-Hao Huang, Peter M. Atkinson and Chi-Kuei Wang
     Open Geoscience, 10(1), 607-617, 2018   |   Full Text
Estimating stand density in a tropical broadleaf forest using airborne LiDAR data
     Chung-Cheng Lee and Chi-Kuei Wang
     Forests, 9(8), 475, 2018   |   Full Text
Delineation of gravel-bed clusters via factorial kriging
     Fu-Chun Wu, Chi-Kuei Wang, Guo-Hao Huang
     Geomorphology, 308, 161-174, 2018   |   Full Text
Effect of Flying Altitude and Pulse Repetition Frequency on Laser Scanner Penetration Rate for Digital Elevation Model Generation in a Tropical Forest
     Chung-Cheng Lee and Chi-Kuei Wang
     GIScience & Remote Sensing, 55(6), 817-838, 2018   |   Full Text
     航測及遙測學刊, 23(1), 43-59, 2018   |   Full Text

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